Benjamin Franklin Haught Memorial Scholarship Award

Graduate Award

Amount: $3,000 for Summer Funding

Aims and Founders

The aim of this scholarship award is to provide 20 hour (.50 FTE) summer financial support to a doctoral candidate who demonstrates excellence in research and academics. The scholarship is awarded to provide encouragement to a student to focus on research and on completing her/his Ph.D. dissertation in a timely manner. The student who receives this award may supplement her/his scholarship with no more than another ½ time appointment during the summer, thus having time to concentrate in completion of her/his dissertation. The funds will be available for the summer and the winner of this award will have their name engraved on the public plaque listing winners of the Haught Memorial Scholarship in the Graduate Student Lounge, Department of Psychology, UNM.

Founded by his family, this scholarship award is made in honor of Dr. Benjamin Franklin Haught (1881-1961), a graduate of George Peabody College for Teachers who joined UNM in 1921 as a Professor of Psychology. He taught and conducted research in developmental psychology, psychometrics and later in cross-cultural topics for 25 years. In 1927, Dr. Haught became Head of the Graduate School.


This award is open to all doctoral candidates (i.e., students who have passed the doctoral comprehensive examination and have advanced to candidacy) who have formally proposed their dissertation.

The Award Committee will request a brief (one page) but specific report on the progress in the awarded student’s work by the end of the summer.

Applying for the Awards

Students should submit the following:

  1. A compelling 1 page argument of readiness for this award, written by their Faculty Mentor
  2. A 1 page description of the status of their doctoral research and dissertation
  3. A Curriculum Vitae


  • Tia Donaldson 2023
  • Juan Pena 2022
  • Kristen Vitek 2021
  • Kathryn Fokas 2020
  • Kelsey Serier 2019
  • Jacqueline Janowich 2018
  • Patricia Rodriguez Espinosa 2017
  • Nicholas Grebe 2016