Departmental IRB Process and Recruitment of Human Participants

Information on this page applies to all department researchers, including faculty, graduate students, honors students, or others in our department who conduct research sponsored by one of our faculty members. Some of this information is specific to researchers recruiting participants from the undergrad psychology classes using the research credits web-system. The Departmental IRB Process (ALL researchers)

For all IRB applications, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the appropriate application forms for either Main Campus IRB or Health Sciences Campus IRB, and follow their policies as noted on their website.
  2. Submit your IRB application to the department IRB representative electronically. Please send your application to Joshua Grubbs.
  3. After you have the necessary signatures, send your application to the Main Campus IRB office (or the Health Sciences IRB office). Be sure that you have followed all of the University IRB regulations as noted on their website.
  4. Please note that modifications and re-approvals to currently approved experiments no longer need to be signed by the department IRB representative.
Additional steps for researchers recruiting participants from undergrad psychology courses using the research-credits web-system:

  1. Complete the department Web advertisement form (link below).
  2. Submit this form with your IRB application electronically.
  3. After you receive approval from IRB, obtain the department IRB representative’s signature on your web-advertisement form (with the signature of the responsible faculty if applicable). Be sure to attach a copy of your IRB approval form. If IRB did not return your web-advertisement form, simply print out another one.
  4. Once you have obtained this signature, submit copies of these forms to the research-credits coordinator. Either put the forms in the mailbox of the current coordinator or write the name of the current coordinator on the forms and bring them to the main office. Be sure to keep the original copies of both forms for yourself.

More information

If you have any questions, please contact the current Departmental IRB representative:

Joshua Grubb