Diversity/Multicultural Psychology

Diversity/Multicultural Psychology Emphasis

Students in any Psychology Ph.D. concentration may choose the Diversity/Multicultural Psychology Emphasis (similar to a minor). Students must complete a total of 9 credit hours of graduate course work. Students must take PSY 508-Research with Diverse Populations. In addition, students must take at least one course from Category A (clinical students cannot use PSY 636 Diversity/Multicultural Perspectives in Clinical Psychology as it is a requirement of the clinical concentration).  Students may then choose a course from either Category A or Category B for their 3rd course.

In addition, students pursuing the Diversity/Multicultural Psychology Emphasis will have one of their research projects (either thesis or dissertation) have at least one of the a priori aims or hypotheses incorporate an aspect of furthering our understanding of diversity/multicultural issues in psychology.

Clinical students pursuing the Diversity/Multicultural Psychology Emphasis will be required to demonstrate diversity/multicultural competence by providing clinical services to diverse clientele, obtaining clinical hours in a practicum with a focus on diverse clientele, and receiving supervision through the UNM Cultural Counseling Center (e.g., Diversity Specialty Clinic).

Required Course:  PSY 508 Research with Diverse Populations

Category A:

  • PSY 516--Health Disparities
  • PSY 629--Culture and Human Development
  • PSY 636--Diversity/Multicultural Perspective in Clinical Psychology
  • PSY xxx--Other Psychology courses approved by the Diversity/Multicultural Faculty such as Special Topics courses focused on diversity topics or working with specific populations, e.g. Psychology of Stereotype and Prejudice, Religion/Spirituality.

Category B:

Courses related to Diversity/Multiculturalism provided in other UNM departments, such as the College of Population Health, the Institute for the Study of Race and Social Justice or the Department of Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies (LLSS). Courses in fulfillment of Category B must be approved by the Diversity/Multicultural Faculty to count towards the emphasis. Course syllabi will be reviewed as part of this process.