Psychology Undergraduate Advisement

We have Advisors in the Psychology Department, Logan Hall (building 034), OR at the College of Arts and Sciences Advisement Center, Student Services Building (085).

Psychology Undergraduate Advisors

  • Georgia Moos
  • Dylan Velez

You can reach the advisors or send questions about your Psychology Major program to: 

Call the Main Office in Logan Hall, 277-4121, to verify hours and schedules.

Advisement at the Department of Psychology, Logan Hall                   

Advisement is available by appointment only. In-person and virtual advisement options are available. Walk-in appointments are available at the Arts & Sciences Advisement Center (email your advisor or visit our front desk for details). When making an appointment in LoboAchieve, please indicate the following: 

  1. Method of appointment- Select from In-person or Zoom.
  2. Zoom- In order to do a Zoom call, you will need to download Zoom at this link. You will need to login with your UNM netid and password.
  3. Reason for your appointment  
    • Holds on account 
    • Class schedule 
    • Registration questions 
    • Other (Please give a brief explanation of the reason for the appointment)  

A NOTE ON WORKSHOPS AND ORIENTATIONS: If you have a hold for Graduation Planning or New Student Learning Workshops, you will receive more information about how to resolve this hold via email. If you have a Department Orientation hold, your advisor will contact you about how to resolve that during the semester. Please monitor your UNM email for updates.

We are here for you and we look forward to speaking with you soon.