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Graduate Association of Students in Psychology (GASP)

The Graduate Association of Students in Psychology (GASP) at UNM is a student-led organization dedicated to advocating for student interests within the department.  GASP organizes several events including:

  • An annual Halloween party for students
  • A 'milestone' party at the end of the academic year for students who defended their Master's Thesis, Comprehensive Exams, or Dissertation during the past academic year
  • Research Day, an annual event with poster presentations by graduate and undergraduate students, Q&A sessions about graduate school, and an invited speaker
  • A charity drive during the holiday season for a nominated non-profit organization

In addition, GASP works with faculty and staff in the department to discuss student issues and organize other social functions.

If you have any questions about GASP, or want to join, please e-mail any of the officers listed below.

GASP Officers 2018-2019

President-Darin Brown
Vice President-Josh Maxwell
Secretary-Brie Howell
Treasurer-Ruth Sarafin
Librarian-Marley Russell
GPSA Representative-Trevor Jackson
CBB Representative-Sam Bouquin
Evo/Devo Representative-vacant
Clinical Representatives-Allison Lazzaro, Elena Stein