Health Psychology

Health Psychology Emphasis

Students can have a Health Psychology Emphasis if they are accepted into one of the other areas (Evolutionary/Developmental; Cognition, Brain, & Behavior; Clinical).  The additional requirements for a Health Psychology Emphasis are that students must complete two of the five courses listed in Category A and one course from Category B.  Clinical students may not use PSY 540--Biological Bases of Behavior if they are also using it for the Clinical concentration.  Substitute coursework for Categories A and B must be approved by the Health Psychology Committee.

Category A

  • PSY 510 Advanced Health Psychology
  • PSY 513 Emotion, Stress, and Health
  • PSY 514 Health Psychology Interventions
  • PSY 515 Social Psychology of Health Promotion
  • PSY 650 ST: Health Disparities
  • PSY 650 ST: Pediatric Health Psychology

Category B

  • PSY 540 Biological Bases of Behavior
  • PSY 547 Drugs and Behavior
  • PH 501 Principles of Public Health
  • PH 505 Social and Cultural Theories and Models: Community Interventions
  • PH 507 Health Care Systems

Substitute coursework for Categories A and B must be approved by the Health Psychology Committee.

PSY = Department of Psychology
PH = Department of Public Health

Health Psychology Faculty

Department of Psychology Core Faculty

  • Sarah J. Erickson, Ph.D.; Family Adaptation to Childhood Chronic Illness; Treatment Adherence; and Developmental Outcomes of Medically At-risk Children
  • Katie Witkiewitz, Ph.D.; Addiction Research
  • Bruce Smith, Ph.D.; Resilience, Emotion, and Health; Chronic Pain
  • Jacob Vigil, Ph.D.; Social Influences on Pain Perception
  • Harold D. Delaney, Ph.D.; Religion, Spirituality, and Health

Department of Psychology Affiliated Faculty

  • Barbara McCrady, Ph.D.; Addiction, Social Context, Women
  • Teresa Moyers, Ph.D.; Addictions, Motivational Interviewing
  • Jane Ellen Smith, Ph.D.; Eating Disorders
  • Kamilla Venner, Ph.D.; Addictions, Native American Studies
  • David Witherington, Ph.D.; Child Development

Affiliated Faculty at the Albuquerque VA Department of Behavioral Medicine

  • Annette Brooks, Ph.D; Chronic Pain
  • Brian Kersh, Ph.D.; Smoking Cessation
  • Eric Levensky, Ph.D.; Health behavior change, medical treatment adherence, motivational interviewing

Affiliated Faculty with Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Addictions (CASAA)

  • Catherine Baca, M.D.; Family & Community Medicine
  • P. W. Kodituwakku, Ph.D.; Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Philip A. May, Ph.D.; Medical Sociology and Epidemiology
  • J. Scott Tonigan, Ph.D.; Psychology, Education
  • W. Gill Woodall, Ph.D.; Health Communications

Affiliated Faculty at UNM and Associated Medical Centers

  • Robert Annett, Ph.D.; Pediatrics
  • Anjanette Cureton, Psy.D.; Cancer
  • Mark Pedrotty, Ph.D.; Pediatrics

Department of Family & Community Medicine, UNM School of Medicine
and Masters in Public Health Program

  • Nina Wallerstein, Dr.PH; Director, MPH Program, Family & Community Medicine
  • William Wiese, M.D., MPH; Professor, Family & Community Medicine