Recognition of Excellence Awards

The Recognition of Excellence Awards are presented annually by the department chair to acknowledge the outstanding work and service our graduate students produced during the year.

2020 Recognition of Excellence recipients

  • Most Papers as First Author--Victoria Vowaw (4 papers as first author published)
  • Most Papers (any author)--Victoria Votaw (10 papers published)
  • Publication in Highest Impact Journal in 2020 (1st Author)
    • Post Master's--Ryan Harvey. Current Biology (9.6)
    • Pre Master's--Teagan Mullins. Psychological Science (4.9)
  • Publication in Highest Impact Journal in 2020 (Any Author)
    • Post Master's--Laura Berkowitz. Current Biology (9.6)
    • Pre Master's--Ethan Campbell. Psychological Science (4.9)
  • Highest Student Ratings for AY 2019-2020--David Forman: Overall teaching effectgiveness 4.97 (PSY 302 Research Techniques)
  • Outstanding Service to the Community--Alexandra Hernandez-Vallant
    Alex is the recipient of the Outstanding Service to the Community Award for her comprehensive efforts toward improving the rigor and application of culturally appropriate assessments in the treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders in the Alcohol Specialty Clinic. Coordinating a large group of her peers, Alex's major goals of this effort are to better serve members of the community and to improve our ability to address the unique needs of our community by offering assessment grounded in cultural considerations and context.
  • Grant Submitted as PI in 2020
    • Post Master's:
      Elena Stein--F31 to NIAAA
      Victoria Votaw--F31 to NIAAA
    • Pre Master's:
      Hannah Carlon--Reesearch Society on Alcoholism
      Monica Goncalves-Garcia--Research Society on Alcoholism
      Samantha Rodriguez--F31 to NIDA
      Danielle Sanchez-Combs--Sandia National Laboratories
      Palmer Tirrell--F31 to NIDA

Congratulations to all our winners!