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This page applies to studies that will use the research-credits web-system to recruit participants from undergrad psychology courses only. If you intend to recruit human participants from outside UNM (e.g., you do research with infants, the elderly, APS students, or other individuals who are not UNM Psychology students), then the information below does not apply to your study (all other department and University IRB requirements still apply).

If you need to recruit human volunteers from UNM Psychology (Psych105 or other Psychology classes), our department requires that you advertise your study through our On-Line Research Credits Web System. In addition to advertising your experiment to students, the system also allows researchers to post, monitor, and update the times and dates that you choose to offer to students, and it allows you to immediately grant credit to students after they participate in your research.

In order to use the new web system, you will need to obtain an account and password from the Psych105 Research Coordinator.  If you are faculty or are a graduate student in our department, you may already have an account.

All research involving recruitment of human volunteers from Psychology classes must use this system. Once you offer your experiment on the website, you are responsible for monitoring your experiment time slots, and awarding credit (or penalties for no-shows) in a timely manner. Be sure to award credit within 2-3 days after a student has participated in your experiment. If you have any questions about obtaining an account for this system, or questions about using the system in general, send an email to the Psych 105 Research Coordinator.

At the beginning of each fall semester, the Research Coordinator will provide a training / refresher workshop on the system. If you are unable to attend this workshop but you intend to recruit participants on the web-system, please e-mail the research coordinator to schedule training. Also, please remember that our students are offering you their time as volunteers, and they must to be treated with respect, courtesy, and appreciation at all times. Too often there is a tendency to think of students simply as a resource for data. To the contrary, they are fellow human beings who are doing you a favor by electing to participate in your research. If we become aware of any mistreatment of students by researchers, you may have your privileges to offer experiments permanently revoked.

For a direct link to the online research crediting system, click on the link below: The UNM Psychology Research Website Once you have your login and password to use the system, you should:

  • Create a posting for your experiment with the information exactly as it appears on your IRB-approved departmental form (the Department Information / Web Advertisement Form available on the Department IRB Approval Process page). You may want to create your experiment on the system and fill out your web-advertising form at the same time so that you can see how all the information gets included on the system. Once your web-advertisement form is approved by IRB you cannot make changes to the information on the web-system without submitting a modification to IRB.
  • Submit a signed copy of your Department Information / Web Advertisement Form to the research coordinator's mailbox.
  • Create time slots for your experiment.
  • E-mail the Psych105 Research Coordinator to have your experiment made active and visible to students.
  • Once active, you will need to monitor your time slots and award credit in a timely manner (within 2-3 days at most).
  • Once you are done running participants for your study, e-mail the research-credits coordinator and ask to have your study archived.
  • If you have an IRB re-approval while you are still running participants, submit a copy of the re-approval letter to the research-credits coordinator and ask to have your IRB expiration date updated.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: The Psych105 Research Coordinator,


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