Jackson-Miller Graduate Fellowship

Graduate Award

Aims and Founders

The aim of this fellowship is to establish funding for graduate students in clinical psychology who consider it a privilege to serve those who are poor. The graduate fellowship recipient is to be placed with a program or agency in New Mexico that serves the poorest of the poor and to work directly with this clientele. The recipient’s time commitment to the placement agency will be 10 hours per week (.25 FTE) for one semester (either Fall or Spring) of the academic year.  The winner of this award will also have her/his name engraved on the public plaque listing winners of the Jackson-Miller Fellowship in the Graduate Student Lounge, Department of Psychology, UNM

This fund has been established by Dr. William R. Miller, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Psychology, UNM, and his wife, Mrs. Kathleen Ann Jackson, M. A., who also served the University of New Mexico.


This award is open to all students enrolled full-time in the Department of Psychology’s Ph.D. program in clinical psychology.  The winner of this award must maintain one GA/TA/RA contract during the semester of the fellowship in order to have health insurance fully covered for that semester.

Applying for the Awards

Students should submit the following:

  1.  A Curriculum Vitae
  2. A description of their past history of working for the community and for those in need of help
  3. One or two proposed Institutions (that serve the poor population in New Mexico) for their prospective service
  4. A description of what could be done to improve life of those who are served at these Institutions, specifically outlining their (students’) proposed participation and activities in this process

NOTE: A research component of the proposed service is an attribute of this application.


  • Ikela Moniz-Lewis 2022
  • Catalina Pacheco 2022
  • Alexandra Hernandez-Vallant 2021 
  • Juan Pena 2021
  • Kelly Erickson 2017
  • Kelly Erickson 2016