David J. Smith, Ph.D., Psychology Graduate Student Award

Graduate Award

Amount: $1,500

Aims and Founders

The aim of this award is to honor a graduate student who shows evidence of excellence and compassion in the field of clinical psychology with adults, whether in terms of clinical work or research, or both.

This fund has been established by Dr. Jane E. Smith, Ph.D., to honor her brother, Dr. David John Smith. Dave received his master’s and doctorate in clinical psychology from DePaul University in Chicago and worked as a clinical psychologist at the Life Management Center in Panama City, FL for over 30 years. During his career he conducted individual and group therapy with adult clients representing the entire gamut of psychological disorders. He also conducted extensive psychological evaluations of inmates, and frequently testified in court regarding their competence to stand trial, or their sanity at the time of the crime. Dave was known for the great respect he showed to all the people whose lives he touched, and for fully appreciating the humorous side of the colorful stories they often told. He very deliberately had a rich recreational life as well.


This award is open to graduate students in the Clinical area.

Applying for the Awards

Students should submit the following:

  1. A letter detailing your eligibility for the award (maximum of 4 pages), in which you specifically a) document your work (clinical work, research, or both) in the field of Clinical Psychology with adults; b) document your compassion for people (e.g., clients, colleagues, students, community members); and c) document a passion for your social or recreational life.
  2. Your Curriculum Vitae


  • Hannah Carlon 2023
  • Haley VanderJagt 2022
  • Victoria Votaw 2021
  • Elena Stein 2020
  • Kathryn Fokas 2019
  • Kelsey Serier 2018