Barbara Goldman Garland Memorial Scholarship

Graduate Award

Amount: $1,000

Aims and Founders

The aim of this scholarship is to honor a graduate student who significantly contributes to clinical service or clinical research for adolescent children and who demonstrates professional integrity. The winner of this award will have her/his name engraved on the public plaque listing winners of the Barbara Goldman Garland Memorial Scholarship in the Graduate Student Lounge, Department of Psychology, UNM.

Founded by her family, this award is made in honor of Barbara Lynn Goldman Garland (1952-1988), a graduate of Brown University in 1974. Ms. Goldman Garland worked as a psychiatric counselor at Jemez House, Espanola, for several years following college and, after graduating from the California Culinary Academy in 1985, established herself as a chef in California and Michigan before returning to New Mexico in 1987. Her interest in aiding emotionally disturbed children and teenagers remained with her during her entire life.


This award is open to graduate students in the Clinical area.

Applying for the Awards

Students should submit the following:

  1. A Curriculum Vitae
  2. A detailed description of their service and research associated with adolescent children (maximum 3 pages)


  • Ayesha Bhatia 2023
  • Molly Pylypciw 2022
  • Suzanne Vaccaro 2021
  • Isabel Solis 2020
  • Rebecca Avila-Rieger 2019
  • Rebecca Rieger 2018
  • Jeremiah Simmons 2017
  • Melissa Pielech 2016