Body Image of Mothers and Their Preadolescent Daughters

Principal Investigator/s:
Jane Ellen Smith, Ph.D. and Sarah Erickson, Ph.D.

Purpose of the Study:
People in the United States are extremely conscious of weight and body shape, and some studies have shown that this preoccupation develops in girls at a young age. Severe body dissatisfaction can be a risk factor for the development of eating disorders. The purpose of our study is to better understand how both mothers and their daughters feel about their bodies, and how this relates to their eating habits, relationships, and self-esteem.

Protocol Summary:
The study consists of you and your daughter independently completing questionnaires online while being part of a Zoom session. Questions will mainly cover body image, eating habits, mood, and interpersonal relations. Participation will take place remotely (online, Zoom). For this reason, you will need a device with internet access (computer, tablet, smartphone).The study will take up to 1½ hours.

Basic Eligibility Criteria:
Mothers and their 9-11 year old, 4th-5th grade daughters are invited to participate in this study. Internet access is necessary in order to participate.

The study will take up to 1½ hours, for which you will be compensated with merchandise cards (e.g., from Target): $20 for you and $10 for your daughter.

Contact Phone Number:
Contact Email Address:
IRB Study Number: 01-117