Attitudes, Beliefs, Experiences, and Behaviors of Students

Principal Investigator/s:
Bruce Smith, PhD

Purpose of the Study:
It is clear that attitudes, beliefs, and experiences affect mental health, well-being, and behaviors.  However, it is not always clear how and what attitudes, beliefs, and experiences may affect these most strongly and if this impacts all groups equally.  The purpose of this study is to understand more clearly the links between these in students.

Protocol Summary:
Participants will take an online survey about their attitudes, beliefs, experiences, mental health, wellbeing, and behaviors as well as some background information including gender, race, and ethnicity.

Basic Eligibility Criteria:
 Must be 18 years old or older. 

You would earn 2 credits in SONA for filling out the online questionnaire that would take up to 2 hours.  Once you have signed up, you will receive a link to consent for the study. Once you have consented, you will receive an ID and the link to complete the initial survey. 

Contact Phone Number: 505-277-4121
Contact Email Address:
IRB Study Number: 1536087