Lynette F. Cofer

Professor Emeritus/a

(505) 277-3235
Ph.D., Cornell University, 1965

Research Interests:

  • Developmental psychology
  • Human circadian rhythmicity
  • Parent-child relations and school performance
  • Media portrayals of youth and families


My research focuses on developmental psychology, human circadian rhythmicity as a mediator of personality development and cognitive performance, social development and gender differences, mediation of television effects, analyses of theoretical and empirical approaches to applied developmental research and family public policy. Current research interests include human circadian rhythmicity and parent-child relations and school performance, media portrayals of youth and families, processing of TV news content and environmental issues.

Selected Publications

Cofer, L. F., Grice, J., Sethre-Hofstad, L., Radi, C., Zimmerman, L., Palmer-Seal, D., & Santa-Maria, G. (1999). Developmental perspectives on Morningness-Eveningness and social interactions.  Human Development, 42, 169-198.