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Jacob M Vigil

Associate Professor

Photo: Jacob Vigil
(505) 277-0374
Logan Hall Rm 116
Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia, 2007
Curriculum vitae

Research Area/s:

Evolution and Development,  Health Psychology

Research Interests:

  • theory on the evolution of social behaviors
  • pain perception
  • stress responses
  • sex differences
  • emotion
  • reproductive development
  • medical cannabis


Research Affiliate, New Mexico Veterans Affairs Health Care System; Robert Wood Johnson Senior Fellow; SHRI Faculty Affiliate

Selected Publications

Vigil, J. J., Stith, S. S., Adams, I. m., & Reeve, A. P. (in press). Associations between medical cannabis and prescription opioid use in chronic pain patients: A preliminary cohort study. PLOS ONE.

Stith, S. S., Vigil, J. M., Adams, I. M., & Reeve, A. P. (in press). Effects of legal access to cannabis on Scheduled II-V Drug Prescriptions. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association

Vigil, J. M., Coulombe, P., Alcock, J., Stith, S. S., Kruger, E., & Cichowski, S. (2017). How nurse gender influences patient priority assignments in U.S. emergency departments. Pain. 158(3): 377-382. 

Stith, S. S., & Vigil, J. M. (2016). Federal barriers to Cannabis research. Science. 352 (6290, 1182.

Vigil, J.M., Coulombe, P., Alcock, J., Kruger, E., Stith, S. S., Strenth, E., Parshall, M., & Cichowski, S. B. (2016). Patient ethnicity affects triage assessments and prioritization in U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Emergency Departments. Medicine. 95(14):e3191.

Vigil, J. M., & Strenth, C. (2014). No pain, no social gains: A social-signaling perspective of human pain behaviors. World Journal of Anesthesiology, 3(1), 18-30 Available from: URL:

Vigil, J. M., & Alcock, J. (2014). Tough guys or cry babies? Disentangling the role of examiner gender on patient pain reports. Pain Research & Management, 19, e9-e12.

Vigil, J. M., & Coulombe, P. (2011). Biological sex and audience affects pain intensity and observational coding of other people's pain behaviors. Pain. 152, 2125-2130.

Vigil, J. M. (2011). Current states of opinion and future directions on the epidemiology of sex differences in human pain. Pain Research and Management, 16, 317-319.

Vigil, J. M., Geary, D. C., Granger, D. A., & Flinn, M. V. (2010). Sex differences in salivary cortisol, alpha-amylase, and psychological functioning following Hurricane Katrina. Child Development, 81, 1228-1240.

Vigil, J. M. (2009). A socio-relational framework of sex differences in the expression of emotion. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 32, 375-428.

Courses Taught

  • Psychology of Human Sexuality; PSY-231

  • Evolution, Cognition and Behaviors: PSY 342

  • Advanced Social Psychology; PSY 450/650

  • Evolutionary Perspectives on Social, Health Psychology; PSY 450/650

  • Emotion and Health PSY 450/650

  • Social Psychology of Health Promotion PSY 515


Graduate Students:

Chance Strenth