Geoffrey Miller

Associate Professor

Photo: Geoffrey Miller
Logan Hall Rm 160, UNM Main Campus, Office Hours Thursday, 11 am - noon
Ph.D., Stanford University, 1993
Curriculum vitae

Research Area/s:

Evolution and Development

Research Interests:

  • Evolutionary psychology, human nature, sexual selection, mutual mate choice, ovulatory cycle effects, mental fitness indicators (creativity, humor, art, music, moral virtues)
  • Behavior genetics, psychometrics, individual differences, intelligence, personality traits, mental disorders
  • Applied evolutionary psychology: Consumer behavior, market research, behavioral economics, virtue-signaling, Effective Altruism, existential risks, consulting, policy, Paleo health and evolutionary medicine
  • Popular science outreach through books, articles, blogs, podcasts, social media, museum exhibitions


Accepting students?  Dr. Miller is not accpting students for Fall 2022.

Courses Taught

  • Psych 231: Psychology of Human Sexuality
  • Psych 423/623: Human Emotions
  • Psych 464/564: Intelligence and Creativity
  • Psych 450/650: The Psychology of Polyamory and Open Relationships


Ph.D. students:

Current: Ruth Sarafin
Former: Yann Klimentidis, Gil Greengross, Joshua Tybur, Ilanit Tal, Laura Dane, Ethan White, Michael Church, Helen Davis, Chris Jenkins

If you are interested in applying to my lab group as a Ph.D. student:

I am looking for bright, motivated, conscientious students with very strong GRE scores (above 700), a strong commitment to a research career in evolutionary psychology, good research experience, and solid academic training in psychology, biology, and/or anthropology. Interested students should contact me directly by email.


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