Geoffrey Miller

Associate Professor

Area Head: Evolution and Society

Photo: Geoffrey Miller
Logan Hall, 160
Ph.D., Stanford University, 1993
Curriculum vitae

Research Area/s:

Evolution and Development

Research Interests:

  • AI safety: AI alignment, AI governance, extinction risk, longtermism
  • Sex research: alternative relationships, non-monogamy, power exchange
  • Evolutionary psychology, human nature, sexual selection, mutual mate choice, ovulatory cycle effects, mental fitness indicators (creativity, humor, art, music, moral virtues)
  • Behavior genetics, psychometrics, individual differences, intelligence, personality traits, mental disorders
  • Applied evolutionary psychology: Consumer behavior, market research, behavioral economics, virtue-signaling, consulting, policy, and evolutionary medicine
  • Popular science outreach through books, articles, blogs, podcasts, social media, museum exhibitions


Accepting students?  Dr. Miller is accepting students for Fall 2025.  Please email Dr. Miller if you are interested in pursuing graduate studies.

Courses Taught

  • Psych 231: Psychology of Human Sexuality
  • Psych 342: Evolution and Human Behavior
  • Psych 423/623: Human Emotions
  • Psych 464/564: Intelligence and Creativity
  • Psych 450/650: Alternative Relationships
  • Psych 450/650: The Psychology of Effective Altruism


Ph.D. students:

Current: Ryan Dobson
Former: Brett Anderson, Yann Klimentidis, Gil Greengross, Joshua Tybur, Ilanit Tal, Laura Dane, Ethan White, Michael Church, Helen Davis, Chris Jenkins, Ruth Sarafin

If you are interested in applying to my lab group as a Ph.D. student:

I am looking for bright, ambitious, conscientious students who have a very high GPA, substantial research experience, excellent writing skills, and solid background in psychology, biology, anthropology, artificial intelligence, and/or related fields. Interested students should contact me directly by email.


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