Grad Students Honored by Peers

Departmental News

Posted:  Jul 14, 2016 - 04:00pm

Two of our graduate students, Eric Kruger and Ruth Sarafin were called out by their peers for the extraordinary job they performed in PSY 504L--Design and Analysis of Experiments Lab.  Here is what their peers had to say:

Eric's unwavering dedication to his student's learning is unquestionable.  No question is too obscure for him to reach for his classes and he does it with grace.  His use of a plethora of teaching methods makes difficult courses a bit less daunting and his good nature is matched only by his attention to his students' needs.

Eric Kruger

Ruth's in depth understanding of statistics makes her an invaluable resource for any advanced statistics class.  Her careful explanations of material and patience with students goes far beyond the requirements of a student teacher.  Students' questions are always answered in a timely fashion and with incredible care and her personality and dedication to her students' learning makes being in a class with her a joy.

Ruth Sarafin

It was really clear that both of them put in way more time than was expected of them to prepare for labs, going over and above to create excel sheets/powerpoints/examples in order to explain things in a really clear way.  One such example of that 'over and above' was their putting together resources for us (e.g. dynamic excel documents) that we could use to deepen our learning, check our work, etc.

Excellent job, Ruth and Eric!