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Jeremy Hogeveen

Assistant Professor

Photo: Jeremy Hogeveen
Logan Hall, 148
Ph.D., Cognitive Neuroscience, Wilfrid Laurier University (Ontario, Canada)
Lab Website
Curriculum vitae

Research Area/s:

Cognition, Brain and Behavior

Research Interests:

  • Cognitive and affective neuroscience of psychopathology
  • Emotional awareness and regulation
  • Cognitive control and decision making

Selected Publications

  • Hogeveen, J., Krug, M. K., Elliott, M. V., Carter, C. S., & Solomon, M. (2018). Proactive control as a double-edged sword in autism spectrum disorder. Journal of abnormal psychology, 127(4), 429.
  • Hogeveen, J., Krug, M. K., Elliott, M. V., & Solomon, M. (2018). Insula-Retrosplenial Cortex Overconnectivity Increases Internalizing via Reduced Insight in Autism. Biological psychiatry.
  • Hogeveen, J., Bird, G., Chau, A., Krueger, F., & Grafman, J. (2016). Acquired alexithymia following damage to the anterior insula. Neuropsychologia, 82, 142-148.
  • Hogeveen, J., Hauner, K. K., Chau, A., Krueger, F., & Grafman, J. (2017). Impaired valuation leads to increased apathy following ventromedial prefrontal cortex damage. Cerebral cortex, 27(2), 1401-1408.

Courses Taught

  • PSY 344--Human Neuropsychology
  • PSY 360--Human Learning and Memory