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James F. Cavanagh

Assistant Professor

Photo: James Cavanagh
(505) 277-6830
138 Logan
PhD University of Arizona, 2010
Personal Website
Lab Website

Research Area/s:

Cognition, Brain and Behavior,  Quantitative Psychology

Research Interests:

  • EEG Signatures of Frontal Cortical Function
  • Systems Neuroscience of Fronto-Striatal Interaction
  • Computational Psychiatry

Selected Publications

  • Cavanagh, J.F. & Frank, M.J. (2014) Frontal theta as a mechanism of cognitive control.  Trends in Cognitive Science, in press
  • Cavanagh, J.F. & Shackman, A.J. (2014) Frontal midline theta reflects anxiety and cognitive control: Meta analytic evidence. Journal of Physiology - Paris, in press
  • Cavanagh, J.F., Wiecki, T.V., Cohen, M.X, Figueroa, C.M., Samanta, J., Sherman S.J., Frank, M.J.  (2011) Subthalamic nucleus stimulation reverses mediofrontal influence over decision threshold.  Nature Neuroscience, 14(11), 1462-1467
  • Cavanagh, J.F., Cohen, M.X. & Allen, J.J.B. (2009).  Prelude to and resolution of an error: EEG phase synchrony reveals cognitive control dynamics during action monitoring.  Journal of Neuroscience, 29(1), 98-105

Courses Taught

  • Psy 450/650: Psychobiology of Emotion
  • Psy 240: Brain and Behavior
  • Psy 450/650: Advanced EEG Analysis in Matlab


Graduate Students:
  • John Pinner
  • Jacqueline Janowich
  • Darin Brown
Undergrad RAs:
  • Andrea Mueller
  • Sarah Salway
  • Julian Goodwin
  • Mary Gardener