Increasing adherence to diet and exercise self-monitoring in Hispanic/Latina women

Principal Investigator/s:
Jane Ellen Smith, Ph.D., Professor, Department Chair

Purpose of the Study:
The study is examining ways to help Hispanic/Latina women be successful in making changes to eating and exercise habits.

Protocol Summary:
As part of this research study, participants will be asked to track their food intake and exercise behavior on an on-line platform for eight weeks. Participants will also be asked to complete questionnaires about body image, eating habits, mood, and social support. These questionnaires will be completed at the beginning of the study and at four-weeks and eight-weeks, respectively, after being enrolled in the study. Some participants will have the opportunity to attend four-weekly, one-hour group sessions. These sessions are designed to teach participants skills that may help in making changes to diet and exercise behavior.

Basic Eligibility Criteria:
Ages 18-69, women who identify as Hispanic/Latina, overweight and seeking help with weight loss, reliable access to the internet or smartphone device.

Participants will receive free psychotherapy and be compensated up to $40 for their participation over the 8-week time period.

Contact Phone Number: 505-226-1262
Contact Email Address:
IRB Study Number: 02119