Closed-Loop Extracranial Activation using Reinforcement-Learning (CLEAR)

Principal Investigator/s:
Vincent Clark

Purpose of the Study:
We are studying the effects of noninvasive brain stimulation for improving cognition and performance.

Protocol Summary:
During this experiment, you will be asked to perform several cognitive tasks, some of which may be on a head mounted virtual reality display, and may receive noninvasive brain stimulation during these tasks. Depending on which group you are assigned, you may have your brain scanned with neuroimaging – EEG and/or fNIRS – and might have your heart beat, respiration, skin conductance or eye-movement measured. These procedures are all safe and noninvasive.

Basic Eligibility Criteria:
You must be 18-40 years old (with identification indicating date of birth), a native English speaker, and have normal (or corrected-to-normal) vision and hearing.

You may be compensated up to $80.

Contact Phone Number: (505) 226-0649
Contact Email Address:
IRB Study Number: 11019